All the Presidents Men
Cynthia Rogers assembles discarded objects to talk about important things. She transforms unconscious feelings into conscious realizations.

Having studied and practiced various medium; clay, bookmaking, acrylic and watercolor painting I fell upon my creative gold mine when I attended a workshop with Alexis Smith at OTIS. I had collected found objects all my life but had been completely unaware of the medium of assemblage. It was such an exciting opportunity to meet other assemblage artists and discover a community of like-minded artists. The group 8 Women was formed and we exhibited twice as a group at the Helms Building.
I have drawn upon my graduate degree in Art from Cal State University, Long Beach and it has deepened my work and widened my perspective. I have been exhibiting locally and nationally in juried shows for the past three years and recently received an award from Peter Mays of Gallery 825 in Los Angeles.

Born and raised on the beach in Malibu, I spent my childhood treasure hunting in the tide pools and high tide lines of the sea. I have never given up my love of found objects and take quite a lot of meaning from the things that I find. Now I use discarded objects and unimportant throwaways to talk about important things: social and political and personal concerns that I hope touch and resonate with others. Bringing up thoughts and feelings that lie just beneath the surface to consciousness realizations, is my objective in what I do and create.




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