Prism of Perception


Jeni Bev

In my art works I try to depict the world through the prism of my perception and to look at the reality from different points of view. It may seem difficult to understand my unusual style, but in fact you are already able to understand it through the superb and wonderful power of your mind. Having unlimited expression opportunities, I try to manifest the essence of what is impossible to say, but possible to feel. It is a concentration of my internal energy. I deliver my ideas through the gliding images, unexpected changes of colors, complication of the lines, light and shadow, and graininess of the plot…
My art is the window that looks inside my inner world.

Achievements and Exhibitions
• 1993 - Diploma of “Samara Palette” Competition, Samara. – My first official art prize.
• 2009
- Solo Exhibition at the House of Journalists (Samara).
- Solo Exhibition at the international Music Video Festival. 25 paintings (Samara).
- Nominee of Kandinsky Prize, Moscow.
• 2010
- Solo Exhibition «ART-AKVAREL», «New space» Gallery, Samara.
- Winner of the contest Charterhouse Charity Art Auction, United Kingdom.
- "Self-portrait+" “Petersburg Landing" project, “Art – Center” Gallery, Samara.
• 2011
- Solo Installation “The Wall of The Notes”, ERARTA Museum of Modern Art, St. Petersburg.
- Art of Stone” Exhibition, Artists Union Gallery, Ventura, CA.
- “The Sign of Pleasure” Exhibition and public performance - graffiti on Cadillac SRX. «Alpha» Gallery, Samara
• 2012
- Solo Exhibition at the Art Project «Subject», “Art – Center” Gallery. Samara.
- Solo Exhibition, Installations and graphics, «The Factory» Gallery, Samara.
- Solo Exhibition at the Art Project «Night at the Museum 2», “Shikhobalov’s House”, Samara.
- "Let My People Go" Exhibition, “Art Hall of Tatiana Sarkisian” Gallery, Samara.
- "CHARM" Exhibition, Public Performance at ExpoVolga Convention Center, Samara.
- Solo Installation “Optima Study”, Samara Media Festival, Strukovskiy Garden, Samara.


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